ga hku

Women’s Empowerment

This programme empowers women by highlighting the importance of their roles in the home and among the community and encourages their ability to contribute positively to the family income. Furthermore, women and children are among the most vulnerable of those displaced by war in Kachin State. We seek to empower women and improve their everyday living conditions through leadership training and sustainable income generation projects. While gender is a cross-cutting theme in all of our programmes, this series of activities is specifically designed to empower women in gaining knowledge, skills, self-confidence, and economic independence.

Microcredit Cooperative

Microcredit cooperatives are established and maintained by women in communities and displaced people camps. The financial assistance offered by these groups enables women to start further income generation projects, allowing women to gain additional independence and better provide for family needs such as education for children.

Weaving and Sewing

This programme provides elderly women with the startup funds and equipment necessary to generate their own income, revive traditional weaving practices, and socialise in a comfortable environment. Textile artisans pass on weaving skills to younger generations and teach them to weave in traditional patterns and styles of different ethincities and regions.


Food Preservation

Various preservation methods help women to gain additional food security and income by allowing them to save and sell value-added foods. For example, local fruits like mawau si are collected and thinly sliced for sun-drying and later use in cooking. Mawau si can also be cooked with sugar, reduced, and then bottled and sold in value-added beverages and jams.


Study Tour

Exposure and study trips give women with otherwise limited mobility the opportunities to learn new skills and share their experiences in cultural and social exchanges. Participants visit other parts of the country where they can observe different agrarian livelihoods.


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