ga hku

Food Security

Community-based projects increase rice and vegetable production through organic agricultural practices that emphasise local, heirloom varieties. We conduct trainings on natural and organic soil improvement, fertiliser production, and pest management as well as awareness about the impact of large-scale agro-industries.

Organic Farming

We strive to maintain the traditional organic diets and independent food-growing practices of people displaced by conflict. By providing seeds and land for people to plant and grow organic vegetable gardens, we contribute to the availability and nutrition of otherwise vulnerable food supplies.


Rice Research

We facilitate an experimental research farm that is used for developing and teaching innovative farming and composting techniques. These practices aim to increase yield, nutrition, and overall food security.

Local Seed Saving

Local, heirloom varieties of rice and vegetables are preserved, stored, and distributed to farmers in need. The importance of this work can be seen most clearly against the backdrop of armed conflict, where farmlands and seeds have been abandoned.

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