ga hku

Community Health

The healthcare programme focuses on increasing practice and awareness of basic healthcare and hygiene, communicable disease prevention, and use of traditional Kachin remedies. Preventative care is especiall important in rural areas and displaced person camps where access to healthcare treatment is limited.

Mobile Clinic

Villages visited by the mobile clinic have improved general health and understanding of health issues. The mobile health clinic provides basic medications, treatments, and awareness about subjects such as reproductive health and the risks of maltreatment.


Education and Awareness

We have conducted workshops in primary schools, displaced person camps, and villages in remote areas. Topics include reproductive healthcare, family planning, body hygiene, HIV/ AIDS education, drug-related issues, and others.



Sports provide positive alternatives to idleness, drugs, and illicit activities. We facilitate sports such as traditional martial arts, volleyball, running, fussyball, football, badminton, and others.


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